Dietonus for weight loss: objective test, opinions and reviews, instructions

Meet a fast and effective way to say goodbye to excess fat, get a dream body and control weight afterwards: Dietonus capsules for weight loss are now available. Trust the experience of over 300 thousand customers all over the world.

Advantages of Dietonus:

  • 3 pills for morning, afternoon and late evening to boost fat-burn 24/7;
  • Unique combination of laboratory innovations and natural extracts;
  • Extremely fast slimming effect (3-7 kilos per week).

Healthy eating and regular exercise doesn’t solve a very important issue: they don’t help losing weight fast. By thoroughly following a strict diet and gym plan you can lose 0,5-2 kilos per week and the process can last for months or even years. Besides, you are not protected from weight rebound.

Stop using Stone Age methods and techniques – try a revolutionary product for fast, but safe weight loss without forbidden foods, exhausting exercising and daily limitations. You have only one life – enjoy it.

How does it work? Dietonus action

Dietonus is a complex product containing 3 types of capsules. Every capsule provides an exclusive formula of potent fat-burning substances enhanced by 100% organic extracts. The impact is fully safe: the product has undergone a multi-level clinical test with 400+participants and no side effects were noticed.

You can learn more on how to apply and how to order Dietonus in article sections below.

How does it work? Dietonus action

This product switches metabolism to its natural mode: your body stops accumulating fat and starts using it as a major energy source instead. Capsules promote fast slimming experience with no exercising or diet restrictions required.

In 87% of cases people keep gaining weight due to stress caused by food restrictions. To break this vicious circle, it’s time to use a scientifically-tested approach to weight loss.

Dietonus provides the following results:

  1. Activates better metabolic transformations;
  2. Stops fat accumulation;
  3. Transforms existing fat into additional energy;
  4. Minimizes the utilization of sugars and fats;
  5. Cleanses the body from toxins, salts and harmful substances;
  6. Enriches the organism with antioxidants and supports immune system performance.

Lose weight in 3 simple steps:

White capsule (morning): speeds up metabolism even before breakfast, boosts energy and provides appetite control for the rest of the day.

Red capsule (afternoon): enhances fat breakdown, helps utilizing sugars and fats and partially block consumed calories, supports energy levels.

Blue capsule (bedtime): supports immunity, protects body systems from oxidative stress, promotes fat-burn during the night without nervous system stimulation.

You may wonder, how to apply Dietonus correctly. The best way is to get step-by-step instructions from legit sellers, when ordering the product at the official website.

Real doctor reviews and patient testimonials about Dietonus caps

Alison Amber – MD at American Health Center

This is the first product I am ready to recommend to my patients and friends: Dietonus works in three aspects and fulfills different tasks aimed at weight loss throughout the day. It provides 24-hour effect; therefore, it can significantly speed up the process and show first results in 3 days. Most weight-loss products are taken only once or twice a day, it means in the night metabolic process are slowing down. But Dietonus night capsule beats this problem. Guaranteed quality, rapid results, complete safety and affordable price are key advantages of the product. In my clinic these capsules have already been used in hundreds of weight-loss plans for patients and we estimate their effectiveness as 93%. If you want to buy it, note this product is not available in a pharmacy, but can be safely ordered from the official seller online.

Jeana Hook, a housewife, 36 years old

In addition to pretty babies, two pregnancies gave me about 25 excess kilos. Bringing up kids and dealing with daily tasks leave no time for fitness or cooking separate meals for myself. I tried Dietonus after reading many encouraging comments and testimonials on forums. I trust science and find its ingredients carefully selected and potent, besides, it has a very good price! The only inconvenience is that it can’t be purchased in a pharmacy, but I had a very pleasant experience with official Dietonus sellers online. I have already dropped 11 kilos in 10 days, and I want to keep going to fit my favorite pre-pregnancy dress this month!

Negative comments and reviews about Dietonus: why they appear online?

Despite laboratory tested product performance and positive feedback from dietologists, celebrities and bloggers, there are still some negative feedback about Dietonus. Health Center nutritionists answer, why they may appear:

“The ingredients of Dietonus show high efficacy for 90% of people with excess weight. Negative user comments may have appeared either because they have no clear idea on how to take the capsules properly, or due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Dietonus cannot be used as a part of a treatment plan for metabolic disorders for fat-loss purpose. The product features several health benefits but is not intended to treat diseases.
  2. Some customers purchase scam Dietonus on Amazon and it shows no results in weight loss (what is predictable). Be careful and use official website before ordering the product”.

How to take Dietonus? Step-by-step instructions and dietologist’s recommendations

How to take Dietonus? Step-by-step instructions and dietologist’s recommendations

After you receive your Dietonus capsules, carefully read the instructions on the package. Below we place dietologist’s tips for those, who is going to order the product:

How to apply the capsules right?

  • White capsule (morning) – take first thing in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast;
  • Red capsule (afternoon) – take 30 min prior to your meal;
  • Blue capsule (night) – take before going to bed.

Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

  • If you take capsules – take one 2 or 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The minimal duration of fat burn course is 2 weeks.

Dietonus capsules: key ingredients and their benefits

Each capsule in the pack contains its unique set of active components, you can read about each of them on Wikipedia in more detail.

White capsule contains caffeine, synephrine, organic curcuma, ginseng extract, guarana extract and provides:

  1. Major fat-breaking action for impressive weight loss;
  2. Appetite control throughout the day;
  3. Energy for the whole day.

Red capsule contains yohimbine, forskoline, L-theanine, L-carnitine, cayenne pepper extract and provides:

  1. Excess calorie blocking;
  2. Using fat as additional energy source;
  3. Elimination of edema and cellulite;
  4. Improved sexual desire.

Blue capsule contains garcinia fruits, laminaria extract, spirulina, baldrian extract, green coffee extract and provides:

  1. Faster metabolism during the night;
  2. Improved body cleansing from toxins and salts;
  3. Better immunity and digestive tract performance.

Contraindications, side effects and combination with other products

The product has no side effects in case you have no severe allergies to product ingredients or caffeine intolerance. The only thing that can be considered as a product drawback is the necessity to follow the schedule and take three capsules as specified in the instruction.

The product has only 3 contraindications:

  • Combination with other fat burners;
  • Individual caffeine intolerance;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Where to buy the original Dietonus? Official website

Where to buy the original Dietonus? Official website

Important: If you buy the product online, make sure you do that at the

official website.

You can safely buy the original product at the legit sellers. Original Dietonus cannot be found in pharmacies or on Amazon.

How to buy?

  • Use the link to the official site and enter your name and contact phone number there. Remember: at this stage no payment is required, you pay ONLY when you receive your Dietonus.
  • Wait for order confirmation call from company managers and ask questions about the product if you need to.
  • Wait for package delivery and make a payment.
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